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September 29, 1940: Debut famous radio Quiz program 'Double or Nothing'

  September 29, 1940: Double or Nothing debuted on Mutual. Each correct answer would double the winning prize, but any incorrect answer would eliminate the contestant. The show was sponsored by Chooz breath candy, Feen-A-Mint, and Campbell's soup. The show continued for 12 years on radio. The Mutual Broadcasting System (MBS) was an American radio station system, in function from 1934 to 1999. In the fantastic age of United States radio dramas, MBS was best known as the unique system home of The Lone Range r and The Activities of Monster . For many years, it was a nationwide broadcaster for Major League Baseball, airing events such as the All-Star Game and the World Series, in addition to broadcasting Notre Dame football. From the mid-1930's on, MBS ran a very well known news service associated with a wide range of popular topics. Toward the end of its run as a major programmer, it presented the nation to Larry King.

September 28, 1936: A Bachelor with children

September 28, 1936: With the opening theme of "Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life?" during the 15 minute opening segment, Bachelor's Children debuted on CBS. The show aired at 9:45 A.M, with an additional show airing on Mutual Network at 10:15 A.M. The daily serial, featuring natural dialog, made the audience feel like they were watching a real event. This made  Bachelor's Children  become a favorite show for many listeners. The show was sponsored by Old Dutch Cleanser, Palmolive, Peet Soap, Colgate Toothpaste, and Wonder Bread. The story revolved around bachelor Dr. Bob Graham, who happened to have twins. These babies were put under his responsibility through the dying request of his previous sergeant in the military service. Dr. Bob couldn’t find the words to decline the request because the sergeant was able to help the doctor during his difficult times. Bachelor's Children  also included Dr. Bob’s best friend, Sam Ryder. In the course of the story, the two meet t