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Thursday, June 20, 2013

June 20: Happy Birthday, Errol Flynn

June 20 of 1909, Robin Hood and Captain Blood was born in the visage of Errol Leslie Thomson Flynn.

Born and raised in Australia, the entrepreneur turned performer made his way to the USA via time performing theatre and movie work in England. Flynn made a major impression upon the American scene for motion pictures due to his swarthy good looks and care-free attitude to life. It was during his short, but action-filled life that Errol Flynn created the roles of Captain Blood, Don Juan and Robin Hood.

His sword-play was considered some of the best Hollywood magic of the time and earned him more roles as a 200.000 dollar a film performer. Flynn was able to handle less swash-buckling of on-screen roles in war and western themed motion pictures.

During the 1940’s Errol Flynn attempted to serve the country that had made him famous by trying to enlist, but heart and health issues prevented that from happening. However, in 1937 he did serve as a reporter during the Spanish Civil War and used the 40’s and 50’s to write his autobiography and other works. Errol Flynn’s voice was so distinctive that he did some some characterizations for the radio airwaves.

 In fact, his characterizations made him a favorite for work on The Cavalcade of America and Lux Radio Theatre radio programs. These programs were a few of his more notable movie roles scripted for the airwaves. Flynn was married three times and had one son (later declared missed and dead in Cambodia) and a number of daughters.

  Errol Flynn passed away in 1959 from a heart attack at the young age of 50.