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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

November 27, 1930: The First Nighter's First Debut

November 27, 1930: This day marked the debut of First Nighter. The show's introduction said it was broadcasting from "the little theater off Times Square." The show came from Chicago, then was broadcast from Hollywood for 23 years with dramas and comedies as its main features.

The First Nighter was a long-running radio anthology comedy-drama series. It was broadcast from 1930 to 1953. The host was Mr. First Nighter (Charles P. Hughes, Macdonald Carey, Bret Morrison, Marvin Miller, Don Briggs, and Rye Billsbury).

The atmosphere of a Broadway opening was recreated for the opening night. The drama was a weekly program.

Romantic comedies became the theme of the drama. Main roles were played by the teams of Don Ameche and June Meredith (1930-36), Ameche and Betty Lou Gerson (1935-36), Les Tremayne and Barbara Luddy (1936-43), and Olan Soule and Luddy (1943 and after).
The drama was produced and directed by Joseph T. Ainley. The announcers were Larry Keating and Vincent Pelletier. Music was provided by Eric Sagerquist (1930-44), Caesar Petrillo (1945-46), and Frank Worth (1947-53).
The actors wore formal attire, with Luddy in a gown and Tremayne clad in evening clothes and a top hat when performing at the studio.