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November 22, 1906: Ratification of SOS Signal as Distress Call

November 22, 1906: SOS international code was adopted officially in 1908. The SOS code was conceived by delegates who attended the Radiotelegraphic Conference  in Berlin, Germany . Many people think that SOS is short for ' Save Our Ship ' or ' Save Our Soul.' These opinions are not correct. SOS has no special meaning, SOS was created to simplify sending morse code signals during a state of emergency. By chance, SOS pads use the same initials because their name is based on a patented process, Soap on Steel. Because of the presence of radio communication technology, in 1927 International Radio Convention stated the distress phrase "Mayday" as the equivalent of an SOS code. "Mayday" is actually the French "M'aidez" (help me).