December 31, 1947: The 'King' and the 'Queen' tied the knot

December 30, 1936: Jack Benny & Fred Allen Feud begins!

December 28, 1941: Lipton Tea cancelled sponsorship to 'The Helen Hayes Show'

December 27: Happy Birthday, Cathy Lewis

December 25, 1931: Hansel and Gretel Opera Broadcast on NBC

December 24: Happy Birthday Ava Gardner!

December 23, 1928: NBC Formed

December 15: Happy Birthday, Alan Freed!

December 14: Happy Birthday, Dan Dailey

December 12, 1901: Marconi receives the first Transatlantic Radio Transmission

December 10, 1927: The first WSM Barn Dance Broadcast

December 5, 1952: The Green Hornet airs for the last time on Mutual