May 31, 1943: 'The Adventures of Archie Andrews' first heard on NBC Blue

May 30, 1922: The First Show of Ed McConnel on radio

May 29: Happy Birthday, Bob Hope

May 28, 1931: Broadcast of The Witch's Tale on WOR Radio Station

May 27: Happy Birthday, Vincent Price

May 26: Happy Birthday Al Jolson

May 18: Meredith Willson Musical Revue

May 17, 1939: NBC and MBS broadcasted Glenn Miller Orchestra's performance at the Glen Island Casino

May 15: Happy Birthday, Eddy Arnold

May 14, 1945: The kids show 'The Sparrow and the Hawk' airs on CBS for the First time

May 11, 1946: Juvenile Jury airs on Mutual

May 9: Happy Birthday, Mike Wallace

May 6: Happy Birthday, Orson Welles

May 5, 1935: The debut of Ethel Merman's 'Rhythm at Eight'

May 3: Happy Birthday, Bing Crosby

May 1: Happy Birthday, Kate Smith