Wednesday, May 28, 2014

May 28, 1931: Broadcast of The Witch's Tale on WOR Radio Station

May 28, 1931: The Mutual Broadcasting System, through its flagship station, WOR radio in New York City, first aired "The Witch's Tale". The program was enjoyed by listeners until 1938. "The Witch's Tale" was a radio masterpiece of  Alonzo Deen Cole. It was a horror-fantasy radio series and aired on WOR and Mutual and in syndication from 1931 to 1938 .

Old Nancy was assigned as the host of Cole's spooky show.  Adelaide Fitz-Allen played the role of Old Nancy. After Ms Allen's passing the role was taken by  Miriam Wolfe, and Martha Wentworth who was also heard as Old Nancy on occasion. Cole himself hive his voice for role of Old Nancy's cat, Satan. Cole's wife, Marie O'Flynn,assigned as lead female characters on the program, and the supporting cast included Mark Smith and Alan Devitte.

The shows were recorded live during broadcast and distributed to other stations. But later in 1961, Cole destroyed these recordings, only a few remain.

In November 1936, Alonzo Deen Cole edited  The Witch's Tale  magazine with the lead story by Cole. It ran for only two issues.

Enjoy this episode of Witch's Tale entitled "Graveyard Mansion" from 1933:

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