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December 27, 1916 Cathy Lewis was born

On this day in 1916, Cathy Lewis was born.

December 12, 1915 Frank Sinatra was born

On this day in 1915, Frank Sinatra was born.

November 25, 1903 Bernard Lenrow was born

On this day in 1903, Bernard Lenrow was born.

November 14: Happy Birthday Dick Powell!

November 14: Happy Birthday Dick Powell ! Richard “Dick” Powell was born on November 14th, 1904 in Mountain View, Arkansas. Powell’s original success came as a musical comedy performer, but eventually transformed himself into a man who could play much darker roles. Even during his film career, he kept a strong presence on radio. He appeared as a star on several of the of the top radio shows during the 1930’s. He performed on Lux Radio Theatre over a dozen times. Powell was the first actor to play private detective Philip Marlowe on the radio, and also played the private detective Richard Rogue in the radio series Rogue’s Gallery . From 1949-1953, Powell played the lead role in the NBC production Richard Diamond, Private Detective . Powell died on January 2nd, 1963 at the age of 58.

October 29, 1895 Herb Butterfield was born

On this day in 1895, Herb Butterfield was born.

October 20, 1930 Sherlock Holmes made its radio debut

On this day in 1930, Sherlock Holmes made its radio debut.

October 14, 1906 Benita Hume was born

On this day in 1906, Benita Hume was born.

Happy Birthday, Laraine Day!

Actress Laraine Day , the love interest in the Dr. Kildare film series and "the First Lady of Baseball" while married to Leo Durocher , would have celebrated her 100th birthday on October 13, 2020. November 10 of that this year is the 13th anniversary of her death.

October 11, 1932 Chandu the Magician made its radio debut

On this day in 1932, Chandu the Magician made its radio debut.

October 10, 1937: 'Thirty Minutes on Hollywood' first presented on Mutual

October 10, 1937: The Mutual Broadcasting System presented the Thirty Minutes in Hollywood show, which was sponsored by 48 sponsored.The show became the first show to air in 72 cities nationwide. The show starred George Jessle and Norma Talmadge, accompanied by the Tommy Tucker Orchestra. Thirty Minutes to Hollywood was a radio program that showcased many different types of entertainment, especially those that were not usually seen on conventional radio variety shows during the time. Apart from the main hosts George Jessel, Norma Talmadge, and Tommy Tucker and his orchestra, the show also featured other personalities like Lois Wilson, Clarence Muse, and Amy Arnell.