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February 12, 1924: The first commercially sponsored variety program in the history of broadcasting

February 12, 1924: The National Carbon Company, became the first sponsor for network program on radio that titled The Eveready Hour. The program was aired for the first time on radio station WEAF in New York City in 1923. The program was inspired by Edgar White Burrill reading Ida M. Tarbell's He Knew Lincoln that was aired on WJS that was heard by the National Carbon Company's chairman, George Furness. Furness the produced and supervised a show that explored American culture on radio broadcast. The show then known as The Eveready Hour. On 4th November 1924, when the elcetion night, The eveready hour aired from 18 radio stations, hosted by Will Rogers , Art Gillham, Carson Robison. That show entertained the audience between the election returns given by Graham McNamee . The Eveready Hour lasted until 1930 on NBC.