February 27, 1922: The First National Radio Conference

February 24, 1942: Voice of America made its first broadcast

February 23, 1927: FRC Formed

February 22, 1954: The Breakfast Club' airs for the first time on television

February 19, 1922: The first show of Ed Wynn on radio

February 18, 1948: 'The Original Amateur Hour's' radio comeback

February 17: Happy Birthday, Ronald Knox

February 16: Happy Birthday, Edgar Bergen

February 15, 1932: George Burns' and Gracie Allen's Debut on The Guy Lombardo Show

February 14: Happy Birthday, Jack Benny

February 13, 1939: Virginia Payne plays Mrs. Carter on the Radio Series 'The Carters of Elm Street'

February 12, 1924: The first commercially sponsored variety program in the history of broadcasting

February 11, 1940: 'The Chamber Music Society of Lower Basin Street' premiered on NBC

February 10: Happy Birthday, Jimmy Durante

February 8, 1924: The First Coast to Coast Broadcast on radio

February 7: Happy Birthday, Charles Dickens

February 6: Happy Birthday, Ronald Reagan

February 6, 1950: Dangerous Assignment' is aired by NBC