November 30, 1926: Happy Birthday Richard Crenna

November 29, 1950: Dick Haymes plays pilot Dockery Crane in the ABC premier, 'I Fly Anything'

November 25, 1945: The Fred Allen Show' airs for the First Time

November 24, 1944: The FBI in Peace and War goes on air for the First Time on CBS

November 23: Happy Birthday, Boris Karloff

November 20: Happy Birthday, Judy Canova

November 19: Happy Birthday, Alan Young!

November 15, 1926: The Form of New Radio Network

Nov 11: Happy Birthday, General George S Patton

November 11, 1938: Kate Smith sings 'God Bless America'

November 7, 1937: Jean Hersholt starred as the famous 'Dr. Christian' on CBS

November 5: Happy Birthday, Roy Rogers!

November 2: Happy Birthday, Burt Lancaster