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October 4, 1880 Damon Runyon was born

On this day in 1880, Damon Runyon was born.

October 4: Happy Birthday, Damon Runyon

Let's give an oldtime radio happy birthday to Damon Runyon , the creator of "The Seldom Seen Kid," "Dave the Dude," "Harry the Horse," and "Benny Southstreet."   The author of Guys and Dolls also penned many short stories on characters one could find around Broadway in Depression-era NYC. Damon Runyon Theatre soared the airwaves in 1949, bringing to life such works as "Barbecue," "Lonely Heart," and "Blond Mink."  Frank Gallop served as the announcer. We salute the stylish prose of Damon Runyon !