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July 22, 1936: A Feud that was Loved

  July 22, 1936: On this day a famous debate between Jack Benny and Fred Allen began. Mr. Allen commented on the performance of a 10 year old violinist who performed on his show. He said older violinists should be shamed by this young violinist because his violin play was better than his elders. Mr. Benny then replied to what Mr. Allen said. That debate continued and lasted until Mr. Allen's death. This debate was unknown after the second show for the west coast, since this conversation was not recorded and the argument was unscripted. Jack Benny and Fred Allen Feud was actually a show featuring two people who were friends in real life. The idea to have the show started in the program The Lint Bath Club Revue wherein Benny, a very witty comedian, teased Fred Allen to hide in shame because 10-year old Stewart Canin was a very good violinist, implying that Allen was not. Needless to say, the bantering was loved by the audience. Thus, the feud was continued and lasted for