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April 6, 1942: 'We Love and Learn' premiered on CBS

April 6, 1942: We Love and Learn , a serial that featured Frank Lovejoy , premiered on CBS radio and the program continued on the air until 1951. We Love and Learn  was a radio soap opera written and produced by Don Becker. The show ran for 15 years under three different titles: As the Twig Is Bent  (1941-1942) We Love and Learn  (1942-1944 & 1948-1951)   The Story of Ruby Valentine  (1955-1956).  Frank Lovejoy appeared during the 1942 run as the lead character Andrea Reynolds' husband. Andrea Reynolds was portrayed by two different actresses, Joan Banks and Louise Fitch who started mid-1944.

March 2, 1952: Whispering Streets' First Airs

March 2, 1952: With its first appearance on ABC, Whispering Streets stayed on radio till 1960. The series became known as a popular romantic drama (radio soap opera) . Each show would open with a different character's point of view, which was a new technique in radio . It kept the interest of followers until the series demise in 1960.

January 27, 1931: Clara, Lu 'n' Em First Debut on Radio

January 27, 1931: Through NBC's Blue Network, listeners were introduced to Clara, Lu 'n' Em . It started on a nighttime slot but later on moved to its daytime slot, thus making it the first daytime network radio serial. Clara, Lu, and Em was the first radio soap opera on radio network. It aired beginning June 16, 1930 over WGN-AM Chicago, Illinois an lasted until 1930s. Then in early 1940s was broadcast on the NBC Blue Network and CBS, finally airing as a syndicated series in 1945.The program became the first network daytime radio serial when it was moved from its original evening time slot to days. The drama series was about Northwestern University's students,  Clara (Louise Starkey), Lu  (Isobel Carothers) and Em  (Helen King). Their friends suggested they go on the radio, so the trio approached WGN and did their first shows for no pay.

September 14, 1936: Debut of John’s Other Wife

  September 14, 1936: On this day,  NBC debuted the radio soap opera "John's Other Wife" . "John’s Other Wife" aired from 1936 up to 1942. The show was produced by Frank and Anne Hummert , the same couple who produced " The Backstage Wife ." The story revolves around John Perry, who was portrayed by Hanley Stafford. John is an owner of a department store who has a wife named Elizabeth and an assistant secretary named Annette. However, John begins to get more than he bargained for when Elizabeth starts to feel as though Annette has become his "other wife."