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Remember Veterans -- Now and Then Through Old Time Radio

Around 119,550 World War II Veterans are currently among us, and sadly, approximately 131 of them pass away every day. With their departure, we risk losing the invaluable firsthand knowledge and experiences of World War II. We strongly encourage you to engage with these remarkable individuals, engage in conversations with them, and encourage them to recount their stories. By doing so, we can gain insights from their historical perspectives and life experiences, ensuring that this crucial period in history is not consigned to oblivion. Another original source for WWII information is radio programs from the Golden Age of Radio . These radio shows and the people who made them may not still be around, but continued listening and research in the era of history will allow the lessons and history from this era to be saved. Do not let the lessons and messages from this generation slip away! Click here to learn more about WWII.    This is our extensive collection of WWII era broadcasts featurin

Happy Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day! "This nation will remain the land of the free so long as it is the land of the brave."  - Elmer Davis, News Commentator