April 30, 1945: Jack Bailey opens his show on Mutual with 'How would you like to queen for a day?'

April 28: Happy Birthday, Joseph Dunninger

April 27: Happy Birthday, Ned Wever

April 25, 1938: The Start of the Drama Series 'Your Family and Mine'

April 24, 1955: X Minus One' First Broadcast

April 22, 1946: A famous radio morning show was entertained by Hi, Jinx

April 21, 1949: The Brain and the Mustache

April 17, 1935: 'Lights Out' first nationwide broadcast on NBC

April 12: Happy Birthday, Ann Miller

April 11: Happy Birthday, Lou Holtz

April 8, Happy Birthday: Tito Guizar

April 6, 1942: 'We Love and Learn' premiered on CBS

April 5: Happy Birthday, Gregory Peck

April 4, 1938: The Debut of Kate Smith's First Noontime Talk show