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September 15: Happy Birthday, Roy Acuff

Today is Sept. 15th, time to salute the birthday of Country-Western superstar, Roy Acuff .  The head of the Smoky Mountain Boys was a staple on the Grand Ole Opry and eventually the first living inductee to the Country Music Hall of Fame. In addition to his time on the Grand Ole Opry , Acuff made great appearances on The Kemtone Hour, The Judy Canova Show , and The American Ace Coffee Show.  On the latter, he performed "Turn Your Radio On." Acuff's career also included a skirmish with Tennessee Governor Prentice Cooper about whether or not Country music was disgraceful hillbilly fare.  This would, in a roundabout way, lead to an unsuccessful Acuff run for Governor.  Not winning that office, he'd have to be content in the post of King of Country Music.