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February 8, 1924: The First Coast to Coast Broadcast on radio

February 8, 1924: On this day John Joseph Carty from the Bell Telephone System has speech in Chicago. The speech was broadcast across the nation with the first coast to coast radio transmission. Approximately 50 millions people listened to the speech John Joseph Carty was born at Cambridge, MA, 14 April 1861. Carty started his career at Bell Telephone Co. in 1879.  John J. Carty was a pioneer in the history of American telephony. He received the Franklin Medal in 1916 in recognition of his role in the development of the telephone. Carty led to the development of the switchboard technology and technology that can reduce interference noise on the telephone line. As chief engineer of the AT&T, he led an experiment with holding a transcontinental telephone line. The experiment became the first wireless connection that transmitted voice between the continents. That was also the beginning  of coast to coast radio broadcast