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June 30, 1899 Santos Ortega was born

On this day in 1899, Santos Ortega was born.

June 27, 1933 Gary Crosby was born

On this day in 1933, Gary Crosby was born.

June 26, 1904 Peter Lorre was born

On this day in 1904, Peter Lorre was born.

June 24: Happy Birthday, Phil Harris

The persona Phil Harris created on the radio was one who was easy to like. He was a happy-go-lucky hep cat who never met a bottle or a pretty girl that he didn't like. By reputation, he made acquaintances with plenty of both. Most of all, the radio Phil Harris was easy to like because he was a fundamentally happy fellow, as willing to laugh at himself as he was to laugh at those around him. When your boss is Jack Benny , of course, there is plenty around you to laugh at. Phil is best remembered as one of Benny's many “second bananas”, although he had a relatively successful career beyond the Jack Benny Program. He was never quite a superstar, but that seems to have been just alright with him. On June 24, 1904, Wonga Philip Harris was born to circus performers Harry and Dollie Harris in Linton, Indiana. Harry, a circus band leader, taught the lad to play several instruments and gave his son his first gig, playing drums under the big top. The boy played in movie houses

June 24, 1944 Boston Blackie made its radio debut

On this day in 1944, Boston Blackie made its radio debut!

June 19, 1912 Martin Gabel was born

On this day in 1912, Martin Gabel was born.

June 13, 2013: Happy Birthday Bob Bailey

Born in Toledo, Ohio in 1913, Bob Bailey was a noted actor that did most of his career doing radio programs. Although his early years did catch him working films for 20th Century Fox, Bailey created a radio presence that attracted more attention for himself than film ever could. The early 40’s found him in Chicago handling radio programs that were on the air. It was not until 1946, that he became a regular on detective radio shows like, Let George Do It and Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar . His time as George Valentine on the first mentioned program was from 1946 until the 50’s. In 1955, Bailey became the legendary Johnny dollar. That program ran until 1962, although Bailey had left the program in 1960. Although this time of his life found Bailey ending his acting career; he did find room as a cameo reporter on the film the Birdman of Alcatraz. Irony played around with Bailey as one of the actors from the film, Edmund O'Brien had played the insurance detective Johnny Dollar in t

June 12, 1890 Junius Matthews was born

On this day in 1980, Junius Matthews was born.

June 11, 1914 Gerald Mohr was born

On this day in 1914, Gerald Mohr was born.

June 10, 1900 Fred Waring was born

On this day in 1900, Fred Waring was born.

June 5, 1895 William Boyd was born

On this day in 1895, William Boyd was born.

June 4, 1918 Howard Culver was born

On this day in 1918, Howard Culver was born.