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July 12, 1934: 7 Commisions of FCC accroding to The Act 1934

  July 12, 1934: First time, the governing body of the Federal Communications Commission was appointed. It consisted of 7 commissioners. The 1934 Act is partitioned into titles and sections that explain a variety of forces and issues of the Commission. The Titles included in 1934 Act are : Title I—FCC Administration and Powers. Title II—Common carrier regulation, primarily telephone regulation, including circuit-switched telephone services offered by cable companies Title III—Broadcast station requirements Title IV—Procedural and administrative provisions, such as hearings, joint boards, judicial review of the FCC’s orders, petitions, and inquiries. Title V—Penal provisions and forfeitures, such as violations of rules and regulations. Title VI—Cable communications, such as the use of cable channels and cable ownership restrictions, franchising, and video programming services provided by telephone companies. Title VII—Miscellaneous provisions and powers, such as war power