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September 15: Happy Birthday, Agatha Christie!

September 15: Happy Birthday, Agatha Christie ! Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple could solve the most amazing crimes and mysteries. However, these fictional characters would not have been known by anyone if not for the pen of Miss Agatha Christie . Born in 1890, Miss Christie would use the name of her first husband (Colonel Archibald Christie)as her authorship name to perplex the world with her imaginative characters and beloved tales. Eventually mantled with the name, “Queen of Crime”, Agatha Christie would write more than 70 mystery novels based upon her Belgian champion or English matriarch as crime solvers.  Various mystery radio programs would carried some of Agatha Christie's more intriguing forays into the realm of her literary works. After her divorce from the Colonel, Miss Christie married a notable archaeology professor and would travel with him extensively. It was these journeys that impacted many of her books.  In 1952, her work, The Mousetrap, made it