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January 13, 1910: The first broadcast using radio telephone

January 13, 1910: From the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City, Enrico & Emmy Destinn heard speaking through the phone's transmitter of the DeForest Radio Telephone Company.  The broadcast lead the way for additional operas to hit the airwaves including Andre Kostelanetz Show Bell Telephone Hour Encores Chicago Theater of the Air Concert Hall Enchanted Hour Hour of Charm Telephone Hour (Music From America) The Magic Key Lauritz Melchoir Collection Voice of Firestone The 1910 opera broadcast was transmitted from wireless transmitter had 500 watts of power and was reported that the broadcast could reach 20 km away on a ship at sea. The radio opera broadcast was heard by the member of the press with receiver set on board ships in New York Harbor, in large hotels on Times Square and at New York city locations. The broadcast was also heard in Bridgeport, Connecticut.