October 29: Happy Birthday, Jack Pearl!

October 27, 1947: 'You Bet Your Life' on ABC

October 20: Happy Birthday, Mickey Mantle

October 19, 1937: Debut of Big Town

October 18, 1943: Perry Mason airs on CBS for the 1st time

October 17, 1919: The First Experiment Radio License

October 16, 1945: His Honor the Barber airs on NBC for the 1st time

October 14: Happy Birthday, Dwight D. Eisenhower

October 13: Happy Birthday, Irene Rich

October 11, 1936: 'Professor Quiz,' the first national quiz, aired for the first time

Happy Birthday, Helen Hayes

October 9: Happy Birthday, Aimee Semple McPherson

October 8: Happy Birthday, Walter Schumann

October 7: Happy Birthday, Andy Devine!

October 5, 1934: Debut of Hollywood Hotel Program on CBS

October 4: Happy Birthday, Damon Runyon

October 3, 1942: Bob Hawk in 'Thanks To The Yanks' on CBS

October 2: Happy Birthday, Barton Yarborough