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September 18, 1927: Happy 85th Birthday, CBS!

September 18, 1927: On this day Columbia Broadcasting System started to broadcast its first program entitled "The King's Herman Opera." This day is known as the formation day of CBS corporation. The history of CBS began on January 27, 1927, when Arthur Judson created "United Independent Broadcasters" network in Chicago.  In April 1927 Columbia Phonograph Company, rescued "United Independent Broadcasters" network by investing in the network. The network was then renamed "Columbia Phonographic Broadcasting System." and aired their first broadcast on September 18, 1927, with a presentation by the Howard Barlow Orchestra  from  WOR station in Newark, New Jersey, and fifteen affiliates. In early 1928, Judson sold the network to brothers Isaac and Leon Levy, owners of the network's Philadelphia affiliate WCAU, and their partner Jerome Louchenheim. William S. Paley signed as president of the network and then changed  the corporate name to