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October 14, 1934: Premiere of Lux Radio Theater

  October 14, 1934: On this day the NBC Blue Network aired for the first time the  Folks Had Clean Hands series, and this day also marked the debut of The Lux Radio Theater , which lasted for the next 21 years. Almost every famous Hollywood star would eventually take part in the program. Lux Radio Theater  created a favorite dramatic series based on Broadway plays and Hollywood films. Before adapting films for the show, Lux Radio Theater adapted the stories of Broadway shows for two seasons. The program was presented live at the studio and achieved high ratings. The program lasted for 20 years and changed into a TV program in 1950. Lux Radio Theater featured many various stage of movie stars. They payed the actors handsomely, a rate of $5,000 for every show they starred in. The program started adapting films in 1936 when sponsor the Lever Brothers (who made Lux soap and detergent) moved the show from New York City to Hollywood.