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June 24: Happy Birthday, Phil Harris!

On this day in 1904, Phil Harris was born.

June 23, 1905 Mary Livingstone was born

On this day in 1905, Mary Livingstone was born.

June 18, 1961: Gunsmoke' makes a last appearance.

June 18, 1961:  Gunsmoke  makes a last appearance. After nine years of transmission, William Conrad starred Gunsmoke made its last appearance on CBS. It was termed as the first adult radio Western . This western dramatization was actually compared to the Iliad and Odyessy and was hailed as one of the best of all time shows. It ran on television for 20 seasons after its final radio broadcast.

June 17, 1942 Suspense made its radio debut

On this day in 1942, Suspense made its radio debut!

June 14: Cal Stewart (Uncle Josh)

What does one say about someone that knew two of the of countries most notable wit and wisdom characters of the late 1800’s and into the Twentieth Century? Well one would be best to ask Uncle Josh Weathersby of Punkin Center. Uncle Josh aka Cal Stewart was a grand gentleman of the early sound recordings put out by Thomas Edison and Mr Stewart portrayed him with folksy excellence. Born June 14, 1856, Mr. Stewart was the voice for Uncle Josh and his early on characterizations lent an enviable touch to demonstrating to the public of home-spun yarn and tale. As mentioned, Cal Stewart made the acquaintance and friendship of two American icons of mirth and story, Mark Twain and Will Rogers . He met this gentleman while travelling the country presenting his Uncle Josh persona in vaudeville and medicine shows. Due in large part to their similar love of comedy, these masters of their craft aided Cal Stewart in his growing popularity and appreciation. It was because of America’s love of

June 13, 1913 Bob Bailey was born

On this day in 1913, Bob Bailey was born.