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July 31, 1933: The Premiere of Jack Armstrong

  July 31, 1933: One of the longest running radio adventure series " Jack Armstrong, the All American Boy!"  went on air for the first time and remained popular until its termination in 1951. Jack Armstrong , the All-American Boy was a radio adventure series which originated at WBBM in Chicago on July 31, 1933. Jack Armstrong was carried on CBS, then NBC and finally ABC and maintained its popularity from 1933 to 1951. Jack Armstrong  was featured by Jim Ameche until 1938. The series not only presented entertainment show but also provide knowledge about many places. The series was created by Robert Hardy Andrews and sponsored by Wheaties. It was started as 15-minutes program but later changed into 30-minutes program. In 1989 Jack Armstrong was added to the National Radio Hall of Fame . Enjoy this  Jack Armstrong radio broadcast  of "Blackbeard Becomes An Ally" from 1940: