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June 6, 1938: NBC Airs the Stella Dallas Series

  June 6, 1938: For the first time NBC Red radio network aired the series of Stella Dallas . This series was based on true story about mother's love and sacrifice for her daughter. The  Stella Dallas  series lasted until 1955. The  Stella Dallas   series was based on Olive Higgins Prouty's 1923 novel of the same name. It originally started as a 15-minute local show in the City of New York in 1937, before it was adapted by NBC as an afternoon radio drama show a year later. It tells about the story of  Stella Dallas , beautiful daughter of a poor farm worker who suddenly became rich after marrying a wealthy man. The main theme of the story is the Stella's strong love for her daughter Laurel. Anne Elstner played Stella Dallas for the entire run of the show.