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April 27, 1921: The First Weather Broadcast on Radio

April 27, 1921: WEW Radio Station in St. Louis was the first radio station that aired broadcast weather on this day. Radio Station WEW, originally was radio station of Saint Louis University. Brother Rueppel, who studied meteorology only by training, began his experiment with radio in 1912. He worked together with other researchers and the U.S. Weather Bureau. His experiments with "radio-telephone" station 9KY made WEW grew and he remained as technical director on WEW for over 25 years through the golden age of radio until his death--that was only one day before WEW made it's first FM broadcast.

April 17, 1924: WLS Barn Dance's first program

April 17, 1924: For the first time WLS broadcast the WLS Barn Dance . George D Hay created radio program, titled National Barn Dance and originated from the Eighth Street Theater from 1931. In 1933 NBC took the show and in 1946 the show has been moved to the ABC Radio network and aired until 1952 on Saturday nights from 6:30 p.m. to midnight.

April 11, 1921: The First Lightweight Boxing Match Wireless Broadcast

April 11, 1921: The first lightweight boxing match on radio between Johnny Ray and Johnny Dundee was broadcasted live on this day through KDKA, Pittsburgh with sport writer Florent Gibson as announcer. That was a Radio station KDKA, Pittsburgh completed broadcast of a sport event that happened on April 11, 1921. Florent Gibson, Pittsburgh Post sports editor, presented commentary along ten rounds the fight live on the air from the ringside of Pittsburgh's Motor City Square. Although there was no winner of that match, listeners around Pittsburgh, for the first time, enjoyed the wireless broadcast from their radio receiver. See also: Boxing Matches on Old Radio Cat