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May 17, 1938: Clifton Fadiman Hosts the Popular Radio Quiz Show 'Information Please'

  May 17, 1938: Clifton Fadiman hosted 'Information Please' old time radio program for the first time on NBC Blue Network. Created by Dan Golenpaul and hosted by Clifton Fadiman,  Information Please  was a very popular radio quiz show of its era.  Clifton Fadiman was said to be the perfect moderator for the show, due to his broad base of knowledge. The  radio quiz show  first aired on NBC on May 17, 1938 and lasted until April 22, 1951. The format of the show was varied compared to other  radio quiz shows . In the  Information Please radio broadcast , instead of asking questions to the participants, the public poses their questions to a panel of experts. Due to the immense success of the radio broadcast, a reference book was made, called the Information Please Almanac , which was first published in 1947.