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March 4, 1925: The First President's Inauguration Broadcast on Radio

March 4, 1925: On this day, inauguration of President Calvin Coolidge was broadcast from the President's oath of office in Washington DC for the first time. The inauguration was the second inauguration of Calvin Coolidge as the beginning of his second term as the 30th President of the United States. The event was attended by Charles G. Dawes as Vice President. Chief Justice and former president William H. Taft administered the Oath of office, and It was the first time an inauguration was broadcast nationally on radio. Calvin Coolidge 1924 Speech  * * * This  country needs every ounce of its energy to restore itself. The costs of government are all assessed upon the people. This means that the farmer is doomed to provide a certain amount of money out of the sale of his produce, no matter how low the price, to pay his taxes. The manufacturer, the professional man, the clerk, must do the same from their income. The wage earner, often at a higher rate when co