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October 4: Happy Birthday, Arthur Hopkins

Speaking to a young boy who's closed in his house with a disability, Arthur Hopkins talks about his childhood and waxes philosophical in an attempt to help the boy.  This is the style and content of Arthur Hopkins' autobiography, To a Lonely Boy, and it shows us how thoughtful and introspective the director and producer was. Hopkins, born on this day in 1878, is known for his producer roles in such works as "Anna Christie," "What Price Glory," and "Magnificent Yankee." Recordings of radio programs of his plays are rare but available, so learn more about this interesting figure.

October 4: Happy Birthday, Arthur Hopkins

Another star born on this day--in this case in 1878--is Arthur Hopkins.  As is apparent, Hopkins lived to adulthood before Marconi's marvelous invention began broadcasting content into homes. He entered the world of theater as a press agent and began writing plays.  Late in his life, he endeavored to bring high-quality drama into American homes and thus produced and hosted Arthur Hopkins Presents.  The program brought to life such classics as "The Philadelphia Story," "The Deluge," "Mr. Pim Passes By," and "Our Town." Actors and actresses who contributed were Katharine Hepburn, Wendell Corey , and Helen Hayes . We salute the contributions of this author, producer, and host.