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April 27: Happy Birthday, Ned Wever

April 27: Happy Birthday, Ned Wever A happy birthday goes out to talented voice actor Ned Wever , born on this day in 1899. One of the mainstays in the career of Wever was his regular appearances on The Adventures of Superman , which ran from 1940-1951. Ned Wever played Jor-L, Superman 's original father, as well as various bad guys. He also earned his paycheck for a few years on (remember this one?) the soap opera Betty and Bob . This was a serial about a businessman who fell in love with his secretary, the two of them embarking on a romance. Its episode titles didn't mind giving out spoilers: "Evelyn Purposely Encounters Bob," "Margaret Jameson Has Hit a Girl With a Car," and "Evelyn Decides Not to Marry Sam." One guesses these titles were not announced or published prior to the broadcast. Ned Wever  appeared on episodes of Big Sister , Cavalcade of America , Bulldog Drummond , X-Minus One , and Dick Tracy . It's important t