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October 5, 1934: Debut of Hollywood Hotel Program on CBS

October 5, 1934: " Hollywood Hotel " aired on CBS. It was one of the earliest radio programs to be transmitted directly from Hollywood. The program " Hollywood Hotel " was hosted by Dick Powell and featured   hollywood gossip radio star,   Louella Parsons in a starring role.   Dick Powell  also performed his song and and kibitzed withLouella and her movie star guests.  Louella Parsons   with her power, could get various stars to come as features of the program. The impressive collaboration between Dick Powell and Louella Parsons gave the  Hollywood Hotel  mass appeal, pushing it to become one of the highest rated radio shows on the air. The program, broadcast on CBS, only lasted until 1937 because of a problem with the American Federation of Radio Artists. Powell and Louella then moved to other radio stations. The whole story is featured in the Tony Thomas book, The Films Of Dick Powell .