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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

March 28: Happy Birthday, Frank Lovejoy

March 28: Happy Birthday, Frank Lovejoy

We can't know if Frank Lovejoy was voted "Most Likely To Be The Blue Beetle" by his high school class, but it seems possible. The steely-eyed, square-jawed actor exuded intensity and a detective's predatory determination. If we were alive, he'd be celebrating his one hundred and first birthday.

Lovejoy's voice was one of the most recognized in the business, for Blue Beetle and several other shows. Blue Beetle hit the airwaves in May of 1940. Lovejoy gave voice to the title character, a superhero (whose alter-ego's name was Dan Garrett) with the strength of ten men. He carried a beetle pendant and left it around town to alert evil-doers he was on to them. Lovejoy held down this gig only for a Summer, and then future episodes went uncredited as to the voice.

Frank Lovejoy is also well-known for his parts in Box 13, Nightbeat, Dragnet, and This Is Your FBI. When they needed a stern cop or investigator, they called Lovejoy.

Monday, March 28, 2016

March 28, 1912: Frank Lovejoy is Born, today is his 101st Birthday!

March 28: Happy Birthday, Frank Lovejoy!

Today is Frank Lovejoy's 101st birthday! A film and television star, he was also well known for his on air roles in the old time radio series Night Beat, Blue Beetle, and This is Your FBI.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Sunday, April 6, 2014

April 6, 1942: 'We Love and Learn' premiered on CBS

April 6, 1942: We Love and Learn, a serial that featured Frank Lovejoy, premiered on CBS radio and the program continued on the air until 1951.

We Love and Learn was a radio soap opera written and produced by Don Becker. The show ran for 15 years under three different titles:
  • As the Twig Is Bent (1941-1942)
  • We Love and Learn (1942-1944 & 1948-1951)
  •  The Story of Ruby Valentine (1955-1956). 
Frank Lovejoy appeared during the 1942 run as the lead character Andrea Reynolds' husband. Andrea Reynolds was portrayed by two different actresses, Joan Banks and Louise Fitch who started mid-1944.