April 30: Happy Birthday, Eve Arden

April 28, 1947: The star-studded 'Studio One' premiered on CBS

April 27, 1932: The First Performance of Ed Wynn on Texaco Fire Chief Show

April 25: Happy Birthday, Edward R. Murrow

April 24, 1949: Richard 'Dick' Ewing Powell plays lead detective in 'Richard Diamond'

April 23: Happy Birthday, William Shakespeare

April 22, 1940: KSAN (AM), The Rhythm and Blues Pioneer, airs Its First All-Chinese Radio Program

April 21, 1940: The Quiz Show 'Take It or Leave It' was first heard on CBS

April 17: Happy Birthday, Hans Conried

April 16: Happy Birthday, Marian Jordan

April 12, 1932: The Joe Palooka's Premiere on CBS

April 11, 1943: Lon Clark as detective 'Nick Carter' on Mutual

April 10, 1943: Debut of "The Falcon" Old Time Radio Detective Series