Thursday, April 25, 2013

April 25: Happy Birthday, Edward R. Murrow

The Michael Jordan of broadcast journalism. The Beethoven. The Ben and Jerry's. The google. Yet Edward Murrow has one up on all of them by having a high school named after him.

Edward Murrow was a man of principle, toiling feverishly to uphold journalistic integrity and high standards and to use reporting as a tool for supporting and enhancing democracy.

Bringing the horrors of World War II and the tyrannies of Hitler and Stalin into American living rooms, Murrow adopted a very descriptive style filled with visual imagery.

Upon returning from his daring European coverage of WWII, Murrow recorded an album called I Can Hear It Now, an account of his wartime experiences. His life was cut short in 1965, but he lives on as a pioneer and standard-setter for broadcast journalism.


  1. Amazing and influential man in world-wide news, of his time. Jim Cooper I'm glad he had his own time, no matter how short, because today, he'd end up a newsreader. He and a few colleagues created the broadcast news during the wwII and would never put up with the news as what's being thrust upon the American public today he bucked washington and eve his boss at cbs, during joe mccarththy's RED SCARE and won. As a writer you should know of all the uninformed people there are, in this and the last generation. so punching up the great things done by Americans from our past helps promote that lack of interest in people like edward r. murrow. i love down and dirty blues!!

  2. He's the godfather of all of us in the broadcast journalism business, but he'd hardly recognize the business today