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Sunday, November 30, 2014

November 30, 1926: Happy Birthday Richard Crenna

If anyone had the acting prowess to change characterizations over the years, that was embodied in Richard Crenna. Born November 30, 1926, Crenna started his early years as a character actor for radio, eventually moving on to film and television. He grew up in Los Angeles and served his tour of duty as a radio operator in WWII. Upon his return after the conflict, Crenna attended college and took up acting. Richard Crenna began his radio legacy on The Great Gildersleeve as Walter “Bronco” Thompson. He played that role for 9 years, 1948-1957. His stimulus as a comic actor carried him over to do a duel run on another radio program from 1948 to 1952, as Walter Denton on Our Miss Brooks. His portrayal as the affable and naive Mr Denton played well in attracting him handle television roles in similar character positions. He performed on the I Love Lucy program and  George and Gracie. In both guest star roles Crenna hit his mark as a “lacking worldly wisdom, but sure willing to learn” framework teenager. As he grew older and developed his skills, Richard Crenna starting playing rougher characters...most remembered as the iron-hide Colonel on the Rambo movies. During Richard Crenna's work on Judging Amy (2003), Richard Crenna passed away of a heart attack. For all the talent in Hollywood, very few actors have possessed the dimensional abilities that belonged to Richard Crenna.

Friday, August 29, 2014

August 29: Happy Birthday, Willard Waterman

August 29, 1914 marked the entry into the world of one Willard Lewis Waterman, who would adorn the airwaves as the star of The The Great Gildersleeve from 1950-'57. The Great was otherwise known as Throckmorton P. Gildersleeve, the water commissioner of Summerfield, with his bellowing calls and inimitable laugh. 

Fans of the show may recall the Jolly Boys Club, Floyd the Barber, Police Chief Gates, Eve Goodwin, and Leila Ransom.

When replacing Harold Peary with Waterman, Gildersleeve was getting a seasoned and popular radio actor. He had already rocked the mic on such series as Those Websters and The Tom Mix Ralston Straight Shooters.

It's our pleasure to commemorate what would've been the ninety-ninth birthday of a great character actor.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

July 21: Happy 91st Birthday, Kay Starr

“The only white woman that sing the blues” was Kay Starr. Praised this way by Billie Holiday, one of the great jazz singers of her time; Kay Starr still lives and is remembered as one of the all-time shining performers of her early days. Kay Starr’s light began to shine on July 21, 1922 when she entered this world. In did not matter the musical genre; Miss Starr made a name for herself as a mainstay in any of them, vocally. At the age of seven, Kay Starr made her singing debut on radio station WRR in Dallas Texas. After winning a couple of this contests on the program, she was given her own 15 minute segment program to showcase her the age of 10. Through the years, Miss Starr performed with various bands and recorded for various labels; Victor and Capitol records to name a couple. She has sung with names like Pat Boone and Count Basie. In the late 60’s she performed on radio again singing on the America’s Popular Music program. Some of her all time hits have included Wheel of Fortune, Rock and Waltz and The Man Upstairs. She could be heard on-air on The Great Gildersleeve show a few times in her early years. To think that this long history of making wonderful music and bringing merry to the hearts of millions all began with a young girl serenading a bunch of barnyard chickens. Kay Starr is truly a one of America’s finest.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

June 14, 1950: Willard Waterman replaces Harold Peary on old time radio sit-com, 'The Great Gildersleeve'

June 14, 1950: Harold Peary, final appearance  as ‘The Great Gildersleeve’.  Peary was was replaced by Williard Waterman in the new fall season.

Hal' Peary was a radio personality on 'Fibber McGee and Molly', which in turn created the first spin-off show, ' The Great Gildersleeve'. Waterman took over for Peary after he moved his talents to rival radio network, CBS.

Enjoy Harold Peary's final appearance: