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February 6, 1943: Frank Sinatra enters radio industry

 February 6, 1943: Vocalist Frank Sinatra was heard singing for the first time on the radio program Your Hit Parade . He began the show four months after parting with The Tommy Dorsey Band. He was often dubbed as,"...the biggest name in the business." Frank Sinatra was not only known as a good singer but also a controversial one. One of these controversies involved Sinatra’s decision to go solo, which ended his membership in Tommy Dorsey's band. The infamous decision stemmed from the contract that entitled Dorsey to a third of Sinatra’s earnings. In 1943, the same year he was hired in  Your Hit Parade , Sinatra was fired from the program for messing up "Don’t Fence Me In," the number one song at the time. He was later rehired and stayed on the program with Doris Day as his co-star.