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April 20: Happy Birthday, Jack Webb

On this day in 1920, radio superstar Jack Webb entered the world. The man who breathed life into the character Sgt. Joe Friday on Dragnet was also a screenwriter, producer, and jazz enthusiast. You know all about Dragnet and its contribution to American popular culture. But let's take a minute to tip a digital hat to some of Webb's other contributions to radio . Many of you remember Pat Novak For Hire , a detective show in which the title character contracts to do difficult and dastardly deed around San Francisco. Webb was the original Pat Novak , with Ben Morris taking over later. But do you recall The Jack Webb Show, which ran briefly in 1946? How about The New Adventures of Michael Shayne? Webb appeared in about a baker's dozen episodes of this series in '48. He also lent his talents to Escape , Suspense , Jeff Regan , Investigator, and other great programs. We extend our gratitude to Jack Webb , for the great memories!