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January 28, 1934: The Arthur Godfrey Radio Program

  January 28, 1934: Owing to the tribute paid by Walter Winchell , Arthur Godfrey reached to the new heights of popularity and started getting numerous proposals from American producers. Earlier, he was an ordinary DJ., but later  developed himself into a radio announcer who used to sing and play ukulele was widely adored. Often known by his nickname The Rehead,  Arthur Godfrey  was loved by large American mass. In 1934  Arthur Godfrey   start his career as a freelance entertainer, but finally he has got his own program titled  Sundial that was aired  on of CBS-owned station WJSV (now WWWT) in Washington. Godfrey was the a disc jockey at the radio station. Every morning he was played records, delivered commercials (often with tongue in cheek; a classic example had him referring to Bayer Aspirin as "bare ass prin"), interviewed guests, and even read news reports during his three-hour shift. Godfrey loved to sing, and would frequently sing random verses during the "ta