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June 13, 2013: Happy Birthday:Major Edward Bowes

If there was talent to be found, Major Edward Bowes could locate it for America to hear. This legendary Radio Announcer that introduced new talent to the country through his amateur hour on radio, was born in 1874. The Major Bowes Amateur Hour ran on radio for NBC and CBS during the 1930’s and 40’s and lasted for over 18 years. Though there is no sure history as to whether Bowes ever was a true military major, his disposition and insistence on being called Major made the name stick during his adult life. Wiped out financially by the 1906 san Francisco earthquake , the then real estates entrepreneur decided to look elsewhere for his fortune. His efforts led him to New York City where he tried his hand at musical composing and arranging. Along with that, Bowes got involved in the theatre by producing Kindling and The Bridal Path. After running the Capitol Theatre, Bowes went to radio station WHN and established his amateur hour program. Bowes married his leading lady from the play Ki