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December 12, 1915 Frank Sinatra was born

On this day in 1915, Frank Sinatra was born.

June 13, 2013: Happy Birthday:Major Edward Bowes

If there was talent to be found, Major Edward Bowes could locate it for America to hear. This legendary Radio Announcer that introduced new talent to the country through his amateur hour on radio, was born in 1874. The Major Bowes Amateur Hour ran on radio for NBC and CBS during the 1930’s and 40’s and lasted for over 18 years. Though there is no sure history as to whether Bowes ever was a true military major, his disposition and insistence on being called Major made the name stick during his adult life. Wiped out financially by the 1906 san Francisco earthquake , the then real estates entrepreneur decided to look elsewhere for his fortune. His efforts led him to New York City where he tried his hand at musical composing and arranging. Along with that, Bowes got involved in the theatre by producing Kindling and The Bridal Path. After running the Capitol Theatre, Bowes went to radio station WHN and established his amateur hour program. Bowes married his leading lady from the play Ki

September 7: Happy Birthday, Peter Lawford

A member of the Rat Pack , a Kennedy in-law, and a good-looking British-born actor, Peter Lawford was born today in 1923. Lawford is well known for his roles in "The Picture of Dorian Gray," "Above Suspicion ," and "Son of Lassie ." Radio-wise, he graced the airwaves on shows such as The Frank Sinatra Show, Suspense , and Lux Radio Theater . Being a member of the Rat Pack , glamorous though it may be, is not without its hazards. The story goes that after Lawford had fallen out of Sinatra's favor, when he went to see the singer performing, Sinatra refused to go on until Lawford had left. We're happy to commemorate the birth and life of Peter Lawford , radio great!

June 7: Happy Birthday, Dean Martin

Everybody Loves Somebody Sometimes was a signature song for crooner Dean Martin and it was the way he felt about people most of his life. He knew that his fans were what made him the success he became. Born in 1917 as Dino Paul Crocetti, Martin sang his way into the hearts of millions of women and his disgustingly good looks made a few men in their lives rather jealous. Dean Martin was a part of famous Rat Pack , which included notables like Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Junior, and performed 10 years of comedy movies with Jerry Lewis. Although their later years together were tumultuous, Martin had a fondness for his young co-hort in picture making. Dean Martin performed and recorded many classic hits, such as the one mentioned above, That’s Amore and Volare. His singles were played on radio airwaves for decades and never failed to melt the hearts of young female admirers the world over. One of the swashbuckling gossips about Martin was affiliations with the Mafia, which in ret

June, 30: Happy Birthday, Lena Horne

Lena Mary Calhoun Horne was born June 30, 1917. This versatile lady would grown to become an inspiring actress, singer, dancer and involved in civil rights . This descendant of notable early American colonists, John C Calhoun; Lena Horne spent a very uninspired childhood shuffling from grandparents to mother to an uncle growing up. Her mother was involved in a roving black troupe and that had an early impact on Horne’s desire to entertain. By 1933, Ms Horne became a part of the Cotton Club in NYC. She later became a part of Noble Sissle’s Orchestra, with whom she made her first recording with Decca Records. She then became the main vocalist for the The Chamber Music Society of Lower Basin Street with NBC . during the 30’s and into the 40’s she made a few low-budget films. In 1944, Lena was featured in the radio mystery program Suspense , which featured her singing and acting as a nightclub performer. Also during the period of WWII , Lena Horne could be heard singing on radio pr

December 12: Happy Birthday, Frank Sinatra!

December 12: Happy Birthday, Frank Sinatra! Frank Sinatra ? was “Old Blue eyes”, part of the infamous Rat Pack , a crooner and an actor and he set the hearts of millions of women worldwide aflame. He was born in December of 1915 and passed away in 1998. In between stood the legacy of an icon on the build. If he wasn’t singing “Did It My way”, Sinatra was dallying with the ladies; both professionally and personally. Perhaps one of his favorite mediums was radio, as he both sang and did on-air interviews. Frank Sinatra was not shy about his talent and played it to the hilt with the media and the public. He sang for Capitol Records, performed in Las vegas and Atlantic City and made a number of motion pictures. He even won a best Supporting Actor role in From Here To Eternity. During his career, he performed with the big names; Harry James , Andrews Sisters , Dean Martin, Bob Hope and many more. Frank was married to 4 different women, and had 3 children with Nancy. Politically, Si