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November 5, 1934: The Premiere of The Gumps on CBS

  November 5, 1934: For the first time on this date, CBS broadcast The Gumps . Andy Gump was played by Wilmer Walter and Agnes Moorehead played his wife.  Jackie Kelk played their son. This program was sponsored by Karo Syrup and Pebico toothpaste/tooth powder. The Gumps was originally a comic strip that appeared newspapers. The Gumps had a wide impact on others medium such as radio and television programs. Many sitcoms and serialized dramas took The Gumps as their reference. The Gumps was adopted for radio program for the first time at WGN in 1931. The program then moved to CBS from 1934 - 1937,  where it was produced and directed by Himan Brown with the scripts written by Irwin Shaw.  In the early programs, The Gumps featured Jack Boyle as Andy Gump and Dorothy Denvir as Min, with Charles Flynn as their son Chester and Bess Flynn as Tilda the maid.