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July 31, 1930 The Shadow debuts on Detective Story Hour

On this day in 1930, The Shadow debuts on Detective Story Hour.

June 29, 1947: Controversial game show 'Strike It Rich' debuted on CBS

June 29, 1947: Radio game show   Strike It Rich went on air for the first time, and it quickly became one of the most loved programs on CBS. The show was first presented by Todd Russell, followed by Warren Hull. Strike It Rich was a radio game show that featured less-fortunate people as the contestants. The show's format involved requiring the contestants to answer very easy questions in exchange for a money prize. When the question was answered incorrectly, the so-called "Heart Line" was opened, allowing one viewer on the phone to make donations for the contestant's family. However, the show's 11-year run was showered with controversy. Some people thought that the less-fortunate contestants were being exploited by the sponsors. They also pointed out that out of 5,000 people who send their stories every week, only a small percentage of them were given the chance to appear on the show. Viewers argued that they were picked based on who had the most intere

July 28, 1910 Bill Goodwin was born

On this day in 1910, Bill Goodwin was born.

July 26, 1895 Gracie Allen was born

On this day in 1895, Gracie Allen was born.

July 25, 1908 Harold Peary was born

On this day in 1908, Harold Peary was born.

July 24, 1911 Raymond Edward Johnson was born

On this day in 1911, Raymond Edward Johnson was born.

July 23, 1912 Jackson Beck was born

On this day in 1912, Jackson Beck was born.

July 22, 1936: A Feud that was Loved

  July 22, 1936: On this day a famous debate between Jack Benny and Fred Allen began. Mr. Allen commented on the performance of a 10 year old violinist who performed on his show. He said older violinists should be shamed by this young violinist because his violin play was better than his elders. Mr. Benny then replied to what Mr. Allen said. That debate continued and lasted until Mr. Allen's death. This debate was unknown after the second show for the west coast, since this conversation was not recorded and the argument was unscripted. Jack Benny and Fred Allen Feud was actually a show featuring two people who were friends in real life. The idea to have the show started in the program The Lint Bath Club Revue wherein Benny, a very witty comedian, teased Fred Allen to hide in shame because 10-year old Stewart Canin was a very good violinist, implying that Allen was not. Needless to say, the bantering was loved by the audience. Thus, the feud was continued and lasted for