Thursday, July 12, 2012

July 12, 1934: 7 Commisions of FCC accroding to The Act 1934

July 12, 1934: First time, the governing body of the Federal Communications Commission was appointed. It consisted of 7 commissioners.

The 1934 Act is partitioned into titles and sections that explain a variety of forces and issues of the Commission. The Titles included in 1934 Act are :

  • Title I—FCC Administration and Powers.
  • Title II—Common carrier regulation, primarily telephone regulation, including circuit-switched telephone services offered by cable companies
  • Title III—Broadcast station requirements
  • Title IV—Procedural and administrative provisions, such as hearings, joint boards, judicial review of the FCC’s orders, petitions, and inquiries.
  • Title V—Penal provisions and forfeitures, such as violations of rules and regulations.
  • Title VI—Cable communications, such as the use of cable channels and cable ownership restrictions, franchising, and video programming services provided by telephone companies.
  • Title VII—Miscellaneous provisions and powers, such as war powers of the President, closed captioning of public service announcements, and telecommunications development fund.

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