Monday, July 16, 2012

July 16, 1934: The Premiere of Dreams Come True Soap Opera On NBC

July 16, 1934: Dreams Come True was transmitted for the first time on NBC-Red Network. The show revolved around vocalist Barry McKinley and his writer beloved.

Dreams Come True aired on NBC three times a week for 15 minutes. This radio soap opera was featured by Barry McKinley and was broadcast from 16 July 1934 until 11 April 1935. McKinley was the center of the opera musical storyline, he was a main role and also the writer. The opera accompanied by Ray Sinatra's Orchestra. This  radio soap opera  was packaged by Pedlar and Ryan advertising agency as commercial ads for Procter & Gambler's Camay Soap.  Sadly no recordings are believed to be in existence of this early radio soap.

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