Friday, November 7, 2014

November 7, 1937: Jean Hersholt starred as the famous 'Dr. Christian' on CBS

November 7, 1937: The Vaseline sponsored the radio show Dr. Christian premiered on this date on CBS. Jean Hersholt starred in the leading role of caring Dr. Christian  remaining on air until 1954.  His assistance nurse, Judy, was played by Rosemary De Camp, Laureen Tuttle, Kathleen Fitz and Helen Kleeb. The theme song of the series was "Rainbow on the River."

Dr. Christian was a radio series broadcasted on CBS until 1954. It starred Jean Hersholt as the title character, a physician who worked in the small but peaceful town of River's End. Hersholt's role as Dr. Christian was so popular among people that some of them actually sent mails asking for medical advice.  The series inspired the making of six films and one television series.

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