Saturday, February 23, 2013

February 23, 1927: FRC Formed

February 23, 1927: On this day law about forming of Federal Radio Commission was signed by U.S. President Calvin Coolidge. The president wants this commission can makes regulation for radio stations, so in the future no more chaos that caused by unregulated radio stations. This commission makes regulation about frequencies, hours of operation and power allocation for radio broadcasters across the US. On 1st July 1934, Federal Radio Commission was changed into Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

The Federal Radio Commission (FRC) was a government body that produced regulation of  radio use "as the public convenience, interest, or necessity requires." in the United States.  On December 21, 1926 Senator Clarence Dill and W.H. White proposed The Dill White Bill was  the first bill actually considered by the Senate to start regulating the radio waves. The bill gift the power to regulate radio waves and licenses to a committee of five members (one member representing each time zone). After a month of debates on Senate floor, on February 18, 1927, the bill was signed as the Radio Act of 1927 . The Radio Act of 1927 given regulatory powers over radio communication to the Secretary of Commerce and Labor.  FCC guidelines oversaw the Golden Age of Radio broadcasts in subsequent decades.

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