Friday, February 22, 2013

February 22, 1954: The Breakfast Club' airs for the first time on television

February 22, 1954: Don McNeil’s famous radio show ‘Breakfast Club’ was broadcast on TV for the first time. However the changeover to TV proved a failure. But it still remains one of the programs with longest tenure.

This venture was a long one, spanning thirty-five years, however, the transition from radio to television proved fatal. The variety show's host, Don McNeil, had a  run  that outlasted Johnny Carson's 'Tonight Show', and Bob Barker's 'The Price is Right'.

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  1. Every weekday morning, we would time our preparations to the first, second, or third call to breakfast. Don McNeil would start the third call to breakfast, and at that time, my feet would have to be on the back stops starting my walk to Carr Central.